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On October 1st, 2017 the first European Talkshow took place in Geneva as part of the IEM Caring Convention. Around 30 people joined the Fishbowl format moderated by our host Harald Schmidt-Horix from Norway. The format allowed the audience to freely join the discussion with our host and 15 people from 12 different European nationalities took the opportunity to express their diverse views on the different topics discussed.
Enclosed you can find the playlist leading to 5 videos from this event each 8 to 10min long and focusing on one specific topics, such as:

1. Being European
2. United Europe
3. Unite Europe
4. European Threats
5. Purpose of Europe

The European Talkshow is the result of a discussion among several people caring for the Future of Europe. We joined forces in early 2017 facing the thread of several upcoming election bringing nationalistic and populist parties into power. We asked ourselves the question how we can reach those people who do not have the chance to experience the benefits of a United Europe with free travel and education? How can we motivate them to actively engage with the European idea instead of just taking over of populist views from their local surrounding and government information channels?
We hope to have found an answer with this talkshow format and the short video bits providing diverse opinions discussed in a respectful atmosphere using facts. We are looking very much forward to hearing your feedback, if you like the idea and how we can improve it. Please discuss with us on Dialogue-Monkeys-org.

The IEM Caring Convention is a biannual event which takes place in different locations and is organized by the IEM Caring Foundation. This foundation focusses on different fields of impact like Social Entrepreneurship, Conscious Leadership, Equal Opportunities, Sustainability and United Europe.
The next European Talkshow will take place in Lisbon, on March 24th 2018 during the next IEN Caring Convention. For more information about the IEM Caring Foundation please visit the website and the facebook-page.

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