Dialogue Brussels – United Europe – A Playground for Youth

How to make young people think about the European Union and a United Europe in general? That’s the subject we have been contemplating in Brussels. We identified four questions for this purpose and debated them with a group of nearly 40 people from 12 different countries. In addition we got support from 3 experts of European affairs:

Ilona Kish – Director of the Public Libraries 2020 Program, Great Britain
Kasia Hanuka Bobbitt – Head of Policy & Advocacy at Concord, Polen
Ivaylo Iaydjiev – Policy Officer, European Commission, Bulgaria

Questions and input were given by:
Pierre-Henry Bastin, Belgium
Philip Vergauwen, Dean of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Belgium
Torben Schäfer, Germany
Carmen García Wang, Spain
Jorik Meijers, The Netherlands
David Christian Berg, Germany
Rebekka Nagel, Germany
Marlies van Laarhoven, The Netherlands
Eduard Martínez Rueda, Spain
Carlos Miguel Palao, Spain
Federico Bley, Belgium

Thanks to everyone !!

Dialogue Monkeys

Hosted at
IEM Caring Convention in Brussels 2018

Christoph Hagedorn

Derya Katzung

Christoph Hagedorn
Sebastian Katzung
Svetoslava Simeonova
Eduard Martínez Rueda


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