Dialogue Kiev – Ukraine – A Country in Change

Ukraine certainly is one of the hottest spots in Europe right now. In this talk show we discuss the current issues of the country and reflect it from an internal and extern (European and American) view. It goes without saying that the Ukraine is pivotal for the direction of the political European situation.

Our guests couldn’t be more qualified to explain why that is and to give us their estimate about the future.

Our guests:
Victor Artemenko – A Social Activist and Politician (Voice)
Sviatoslav Yurash – Youngest Member of the Ukrainian Parliament (Servent of the people)
Carl Sturén – CEO and founder of Chumak and Vindkraft Ukraina
James Brook (US) – Editor in Chief of Ukrainian Business News

Sebastian Katzung
Andreas Flodström

Sebastian Katzung
Christoph Hagedorn

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beetroot company
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Enjoy the show!

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