Dialogue Skopje – North Macedonia – United Europe and the story we want to tell

What’s the story the European people want to rally behind?

We found no better place to discuss the story of a United Europe, than the Republic of North Macedonia. We, the European people, want to find out how to live together in a future oriented and sustainable way. The European Union (EU) is a political and economic project that promises peace, stability and prosperity. The Republic of North Macedonia just changed its name to get one step closer of joining the EU. Therefore we challenged our audience to come up with statements based on two headlines:

  1. Reasons for North Macedonia to join the EU
  2. Reasons for the EU to include North Macedonia

Then we challenged our three experts with those statements and clearly learned a lot of promising and doubtful insights in the mind of a Europe that reflects itself.

The experts:

Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska
Head of the MA Program in Peace and Development

Miroslav Draganov
Executive Director of the Institute for Human Rights

Kristijan Rizov
History student and member of the International Students of History Association

Enjoy watching the show!

More information about the show on https://dialogue-monkeys.org

Special thanks goes to our Macedonian friends (Stefan, Maria, Maria and Simona and many more) who organised the IEM Caring Convention and provided a platform for us.

By Sebastian Katzung

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