Dialogue – Talkshow

A European Talk Show

Respectful – Factual – Diverse

With this very unique concept we created a common platform for engaged people to contribute on a European level with thoughts and solutions on European challenges.

Briefly explained

Our goal is to bring Europe together and discuss issues of common concern. We want to enhance respect and understanding of decisions being made and opinions being believed by our neighbors.
We do that by traveling to international events and conventions where plenty of European nations are being represented. At the event we think of a concept that is most suited for recording a talk show, e.g. fish bowl or panel discussion. Once everything is set up we start to record and publish it online afterwards.


Providing an entertaining platform to increase awareness of a United Europe.


Bringing people of different nationalities to one place and talking publicly about diverse European subjects.


Democracy should not be taken for granted. European citizens need to know what’s going on. Have you ever wondered what international dependencies there are and how we are affected by them?

We have to be well informed and have to understand what our neighbors think and feel, in order to fulfill our democratic responsibilities.

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