Let’s unite Europe – Let’s find out who Europe is!

As much as it is a life long journey to find out who you are, it is an everlasting process of contemplation, reflection and honest understanding to create a European unified mindset, common history and common future – short, to unite Europe.

An intrinsic and inner freedom is the key to find the real person in yourself. The same goes for Europe. What is the real Europe and what is the story – based on what thoughts – we want to write for now and the future.

Therefore, we asked people from different European countries to express their thoughts on how to unite Europe.

Check out their short speeches and be amazed by the deepness of their thoughts.

Sorana – Liberty Fraternity Equality to unite Europe

Jorik – Rebuild the EU to unite Europe

Ruta – Education is key to unite Europe

Giuseppe – Get to the source to unite Europe

Robin – Creating a European Identity to unite Europe

Astrid and Ulrich – Climate Change and how it can unite Europe

Lassi – Curiosity in Diversity as a Driver to unite Europe

Written by Sebastian

Directed by Christoph

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